From the Ground Up:


Vanity Table & Mirror

This vanity was a gift to my fiance for her 25th birthday. It started as a few planks I found in the garbage a few blocks away from my house. There were 4 planks coated in a thick white paint. I took them home and sanded them down with 40 grit to strip. I made my cuts and squared everything up before gluing and clamping. Looking back, I should have put some dowel pins in for support/alignment, but they came out pretty clean anyways. I reinforced the boards with 1”x4” fur boards on the seams underneath. Added hairpin legs and sanded the top. I put some wood filler mixed with sawdust (for consistency) to cover any exposed areas between boards. I used danish oil medium walnut to give it a little bit darker color and to seal the wood. Next I sanded the mirror, which I also found in the garbage(different area), The mirror is made of maple and I sanded off the all too common factory finish. I thought I would darken it a bit by mixing some dark walnut stain with the danish oil. I removed the duct tape that was holding the mirror on, and fixed a piece of plywood properly with some finishing nails. I also put in a few extra finishing nails to hold the lights up in the corners and mid sections. Finally, I added some brushed nickel hooks on one end to hang hot irons or hairdryers. I replaced my fiance’s old particle board desk from college, which was falling apart, while she was working. I bought the chair on amazon and used a faux fur blanket we keep around the house. She came home to find her new surprise and loved it!


Cypress End Table


Custom Metal Table Frames/Table Legs

Here is a conceptual set of trapezoidal table legs made from 3/16″ thick hot rolled steel, 27″ tall x 15″ wide at the top x 12.5″ at the bottom x 3″ width material. If you would like something like this, just email me. This model includes a to scale replica of a black walnut wood slab that I will be making the legs to fit.

This is a prototype of a table frame. Instead of grinding/sawing and welding, I used a hydraulic press with an angle shear and press brake to make this. It only requires a few spot welds to hold the pieces together. Available in any thickness/size.



My first real woodworking project. I decided my experience as a mechanical designer could translate to the woodworking industry. I thought building something that I can build other things on was a good first project. It came with it’s difficulties, but overall turned out nice for what I needed it for. This was build with 2″x4″ Douglas fur, and 1″x”4″ premium cut pine for the table top. The boards glued together pretty seamlessly. I put a multitude of 2″x4″ support beams under the top for support and weight. I used a tung oil finish and have since added a bottom shelf. More pics coming soon, once I properly clean all my tools up!