Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a broad term used for information processing systems. With recent advancements in technology, artificial intelligence has become more important to the everyday function of society. Search engines, the stock market, video games, purchase predictions, streaming service recommendations, and fraud alerts, are all examples of artificial intelligence that we already use everyday. Further development of information processing will continue to integrate to other industries like medical, legal, and even scientific applications. The potential use of this technology could be the greatest invention in human history, or it could be catastrophic beyond all proportions. It is a thought experiment that reshapes society at every level from mass automation to unimaginably intelligent tools or beings. As neuroscience Sam Harris claims, you only have to grant one propositions for the threat of artificial intelligence to credible. We will continue to make information processing systems better. So long as we do this, we will create strong or super-intelligent AI.


With such a powerful tool at our disposal, how are we to structure society, modify our brains, or not accidentally destroy ourselves? This project will be dedicated to exploring ideas and raising concerns about using such a tool. Perhaps it will not be viewed as a tool, rather a being, arguably ethically superior or more valuable than ourselves. This project will also explore fundamentals of consciousness and the ethical implications of birthing and maintaining such an intelligence. It might be impossible to actually tell if artificial intelligence developed what we refer to as “consciousness”. What is the difference between a good experience vs a bad one and how might we ethically maintain such a being as not to suffer? Answering questions like these also addresses issues of our own consciousness and merely using AI as a prop for thinking may offer additional insights to ourselves.