The U.S. Ex. Ex.


The U.S. Ex. Ex. is short for United States Exploring Expedition. It was America’s most audacious journey, compared only to the likes of the Apollo missions. It was the largest voyage of discovery in American and European history. The crew comprised of 6 ships, 346 men and some of the world’s most cutting edge scientific equipment. They trekked 87,000 miles, charted 280 Pacific islands, discovered thousands of species of plants and animals and an entire continent. Their findings were used to start a new national museum. The Smithsonian Institute. And Yet, you have never probably never heard of this adventure. 

Telling this story has been my personal project for the past few years. I have been meticulous combing through journals, letters, ship logs, and maps, to form the compelling story that was never communicated to the public.

I expect to be done with the book sometime in the next year or two. Until then, I will publish small excerpts and interesting things I stumble upon.


Cape Horn – A Sailor’s Nightmare at the Southern Tip of South America. It was a dangerous but necessary path around the Americas before the construction of the Panama Canal.


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